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The name of our company and the first of our mastheads, the Edward & Sons™ brand nicely exemplifies a prime directive of the company: to offer health-aware consumers “Convenience Without Compromise”™.
Introduced in 1978, Edward & Sons’ Natural Instant Miso-Cup® pioneered the blending of simple, wholesome ingredients with unparalleled convenience. For the first time it became possible for a student, a traveler, or a truck driver to carry in their pocket a small packet of powder, which would transform in seconds into delicious and nutritious miso soup anywhere hot water was available. What a concept! Click Here To Buy Miso-Cup®.
Low calorie, low fat, all natural and cholesterol free, Miso-Cup® natural instant soup mix was followed in 1979 by Edward & SonsBaked Brown Rice Snaps®, America’s first wheat-free whole grain crackers.
Now available in 9 crisp and delectable varieties, all Brown Rice Snaps are delicious straight from the package, the perfect partner to dips, and elegant enough for entertaining. Click Here To Buy Brown Rice Snaps.
Organic salads are never quite complete without a topping of crisp organic croutons. Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons are tasty and petite, the ideal crunchy complement to a forkful of greens and dressing. They’re OU kosher, trans fat free, and available in two flavors. Click Here To Buy Organic Croutons.
Home chefs appreciate crisp and convenient coatings for battered foods and grilled items. Available in three varieties: Lightly Salted, Italian Herbs and Japanese-style Panko, all Edward & Sons™ Organic Breadcrumbs are scrumptious, and easy to work with thanks to their handy reusable canister. Trans fat free and OU Kosher as well. Click Here To Buy Organic Breadcrumbs.
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