Edward & Sons Organic Croutons
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Edward & Sons Organic Croutons

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The Perfect Soup and Salad Toppers
Made from organic wheat and select organic seasonings, Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons complete your organic salads and garnish your organic soups. Lightly Salted Croutons add a subtle toasted flavor to your bowl, while Onion Garlic and Italian Herbs Croutons impart zesty flavor profiles that excite your taste buds and enhance your meal. The Italian Herbs Croutons make a phenomenal stuffing!!

Organic Croutons, Italian Herbs
Coated with zesty Mediterranean herbs and spices.
Special Price! Short-dated 8/5


Organic Croutons, Onion Garlic
Seasoned with a savory blend of onion and garlic - great in soups too!
Special Price! Short-dated 8/5

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